Family Fun at Sea World San Antonio

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Of course while in San Antonio, we went to Sea World. My girls could not wait to get on the rides! Something Shamu draws me there! I absolutely love watching the whales! I cry when I see them! They are so big and magical. We saw the Shamu show “Believe” and it was very moving! Live music, live performers, and of course the beautiful whales! I love that I can take my family to Sea World to experience sea life. They learn so much every time we go!


This year Maci (my youngest daughter) was FINALLY tall enough to ride the Steel Eel. She couldn’t wait to get on it… and decided after one ride, she was happy with the rides in Bay of Play (the area for little kiddos with smaller rides!) Emma was finally tall enough to ride the Great White and she rode it a few times! Chloe loves them all and would have stayed on the rides all day if we let her! With an ear ache, I gladly passed the torch to dad for the rides and hung out with Nathan! This was Nathan’s first trip to Sea World and he was mesmerized by the whales too! He watched in wonder. It was precious!


Here is a picture of him dancing in Bay of Play.


We love Sea World in December because they add a lot of extra holiday fun! We enjoyed the fun photo opps, and candy cane lane was fun too! The day we went it was 75 degrees and didn’t feel like winter, which we thought was PERFECT! The kids wore shorts and we had a great day making memories and taking in every minute of Shamu and the Sealion shows! The evening wrapped up with songs and a magical farewell. Seaworld during December is a family fun get away…without the hot Texas heat!


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