Snacking through Summer with Cheerios™

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I have partnered with Acorn Influence to bring you these fun summer time recipes featuring Cheerios™! All recipes and opinions are my own! #SummerOfCheerios


One thing that I often forget about summer is the constant need for snacks! My girls LOVE to eat snacky foods and so stocking up is a MUST! Thankfully I love using a little creativity to create fun snacks for them that are also snacks I love!

This summer I used several flavors of Cheerios™ to create easy to grab snack packs!


Sweet and Salty – This grab bag features basic Cheerios™ , Pretzels, and chocolate candy pieces. Super easy to make! I found this big box of basic Cheerios™ at Walmart!


Super Nutty Snack – This grab bag includes the Honey Nut Cheerios™, yogurt covered pretzels and peanuts! This one is my hubby’s favorite! The girls love this one as well! I like this one for outings because it has a little protein punch that helps keep us satisfied until the next meal!



Apple Crunch – Apple Cinnamon Cheerios™ with freeze dried apple chips, dried banana chips, and raisins! My youngest daughter loves this one as it gives her the fruity
flavors that she loves most! (I sometimes use these two items with a little melted butter and marshmallows and make bars! Super easy to make and very versatile. I will use this mix for my son to snack on as he continues to grow. (He is 8 months now!)


These Cheerios™ snacks are super simple and inexpensive to make! You can find everything you need at Walmart!


Print this Cheerios™ coupon to help save! You will save $1 off three boxes! I love extra coupon savings!

Summer Bordom Buster:
Allow your kids to mix and pack the snack packs listed above. It will be an easy fun project for them and they will learn how to measure, pour and use their fine motor skills to zip the bag! (Mine enjoy doing this because they can also snack as they pack!)


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