Sky Ranch Wave Camp at Hawaiian Falls

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We love Hawaiian Falls and you can read my many posts about the family fun park here on my blog. We found out that they were offering Sky Ranch Wave Camp this summer and couldn’t wait to get Chloe enrolled!

Photo Credit: SkyRanch

Photo Credit: SkyRanch

Chloe is 10 and is a great swimmer so I felt confident that she would have a blast at Wave Camp!  Sky Ranch Wave Camp at Hawaiian Falls is an exciting summer day camp experience combining the thrill of a water park and intentionality of Sky Ranch Christian Camp programs. This week long camp is full of programs and positive encouragement! Wave Camp is designed to help children build character and to strengthen the foundation for their faith in Jesus Christ all while enjoying crazy camp activities, Bible exploration, and water rides.

Photo Credit: SkyRanch

Photo Credit: SkyRanch

Chloe came home Monday excited to tell me all about camp! She said that day went as follows:

They got to explore the slides and whole water park before it was open to the public for two hours! (This is really awesome because she hates waiting in lines!) She said she did EVERYTHING in the park! How awesome is that? After they enjoyed the slides and as the park opened to the public, they returned to their tent to Pow-wow (this is where they enjoyed skits and learned the rules of the week!) They also had a time of praise and worship song singing at this time.

Photo Credit: SkyRanch

Photo Credit: SkyRanch

Then we moved into game play time! She said this was a fun time where she got to get to know some of the other campers a little and they got to do fun activities with their camp counselors.

After this, they went back into the tent for lunch! (Lunch was provided each day! All we had to send was her water bottle!)

After lunch they moved into the theme for the day and broke into small groups! They did a few more activities, enjoyed an afternoon snack, then packed up to be picked up. 8-3 sounds like a long time, but Chloe said she felt like it flew by really quickly.


Each day at drop off, I was able to pull up curb side and drop her off with the counselors. They were always all set up and ready to greet her! At pick up, I had to show my ID each day to pick her up! I was given a sheet with a brief description of what they did for the day, as well as the menu for the following day.

Overall I would suggest this camp for school aged kids for the following three reasons:

1.) Fun Factor! Who doesn’t love Hawaiian Falls?

2.) Physical Activity! Keeping my kids outside and active is my goal for the summer!

3.) Character Building! Wave Camp is all about building character and depth! We are believers and Chloe grew spiritually because of Wave Camp! I love that Hawaiian Falls is a family friendly place that also loves Jesus!

Family Fun Tip: I went to Hawaiian Falls with my little two to play while Chloe was in camp one day and was able to sneak over and snap a few picts of her in the tent! Since your camper will get a season pass with the camp fee, you can buy extras for the rest of the family and enjoy time at the park while they are at camp! That’s what we did and we loved seeing her around the park having fun!

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