Getting Swim Suit ready at Nebraska Furniture Mart

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I have partnered with Nebraska Furniture Mart to bring you this post. All opinions are my own and are honest.


Summer is coming quickly in North Texas. Soon, hopefully, the rain will stop and we can play outside. Until then, we can be preparing for swim suit season indoors. Having a few crucial pieces of workout equipment in your home can really come in helpful on bad weather days.

We loaded up our family yesterday and went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to see what all they offered in their “Fitness” section. I recall treadmills, but couldn’tremember much past that. I was very surprised to find this section very large and full of equipment, weights, and various other aids to my fit for summer journey.


I love that all of the machines are turned on and are ready for you to try out. I think that is really important when making a big purchase like this. Not all treadmills are created equally. Currently there are some door buster savings that you can enjoy to score some really HOT prices.

I love that Nebraska Furniture Mart carries a lot of different brands. They carry top dollar items, as well as middle of the road and affordable items, too.

If you aren’t looking for large workout equipment, no worries, Nebraska Furniture Mart carries tons of little supporting accessories as well. I found resistance bands, free style weights, boxing gloves, medicine balls and more. The selections were great and easy to find in the fitness department. I also enjoyed the huge assortment of water bottles. Having a good water bottle is something that can help keep you motivated to keep at your workout. (Contigo is my favorite brand and they have tons!)


Two things caught me off guard in the fitness department at Nebraska Furniture Mart. The first was that they had a selection of work out DVDs. Sometimes you don’t know where to start and this can really be helpful. I was amazed by the assortment of choices. There was something for everyone for sure.


The other thing that was not expecting was the huge amount of activity trackers. They had ones that I have never heard of. I feel like I am fairly up to date on that stuff, but apparently there were many many others that I had no knowledge about. I personally have a Fitbit One and love it. I have been eye balling the Fitbit Charge HR which has the heart beat calculated within. It also has bluetooth capabilities to sync with your phone. I love this option as I heard that it will alert you when you have a call or text coming in. I checked the price and it was lower then ANYONE else that I have checked…and by $15 at that! How awesome is that? It was sold out (like it is everywhere else!) but they were happy to place an order for me to get one when they are no longer back ordered.

If you are just starting your fitness journey or are a novice and are wanting to add some fun equipment to your home gym, then Nebraska Furniture Mart is the place for you! Yoga, Boxing, Running, Weights, Eliptical, Walking, Biking…you name it and they’ve got some great deals for you! Check them out!

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