Becoming a Sports Mom: Staying Organized, equipment, uniforms, schedules

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It’s very important to stay organized as a mom. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all that is involved with being a sports mom. Keeping everything organized is key to lowering the stress on game days. I’ve been that mom running around the house looking for shin guards or cleats before a soccer game. I’ve also been that mom digging uniform socks out of the laundry and hand washing them an hour before the game because my washing machine takes longer then the amount of time we had to get out the door.

Learn from my experience, and take this advice! Find a spot in your garage to organize the sports equipment. We have a peg board wall that we hang bags from. That helps keep the clutter out of the van and where we can easily get to it. We have the cleats to each sport under the hanging bags.

To keep uniforms game day ready, I wash them as quick as my kids shead them. I hang them ALL together. The shorts/bottoms are clipped onto the hanger with the top and matching socks. If the uniform has a hair bow or sun visor, that gets added around the top of the hanger as well. Keeping them in the laundry room makes for easy grabbing and changing! This system has worked great for us!


The last part of this post is all about staying organized on the schedules. We had two kids playing two sports each and our youngest playing one. So 5 different schedules to keep up with. And did I mention that my hubby was the coach of one of those sports? Keeping up with practices, game days, and rain outs can feel very overwhelming. I found an app that has helped keep up organized. I downloaded TeamSnap. TeamSnap allows me to enter all of the information that I could want and even adds the information to my iPhone calendar for me. When I first set it up for each team, I entered date, roster, opponent, location, time of game, and more. It was super easy and even allowed me to add the other parents email addys so they would benefit from my hard work.

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We were using the free version, and it provided us what we needed as players on a team. However, as I mentioned above, my hubby is the coach of a team and we found that the paid version offered a few extra features that would come in handy. TeamSnap gave me a paid version to test out for the purposes of this review. The added features are great. We love the ability to send reminders to the team thru the app. One reminder that goes out to all of the players!

You can see the prices and added features on the spreadsheet here. The app has saved me BIG time! The other parents love that I can update it and it sends notifications to them! Download TeamSnap and enjoy being organized! (You can also use it via desktop!)

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Click over to read more about my journey in becoming a Sports Mom!

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