Christmas Gift Idea: HTC One M8 with Sprint

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I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf Influence Central for Sprint. I received sample devices to facilitate this review.


I was recently invited to a blogger lunch at a local Sprint store to learn about the HTC One M8. I have been an Apple user for quite a while and feel quite loyal to them…but this luncheon might have changed all of that. It’s funny how people can be all Apple or all Android!

At the event, we learned about Sprints network and then about the HTC One M8. We were shown awesome features, and I left wanting to learn more! We were each given an HTC One M8 to take home and review. It has been a bit of a learning curve, but I think I’ve figured most of it out! There are two features on the HTC One M8 that have me hooked! The camera is AWESOME and the photos are all so clear. There is editing software on the phone that allows me to do cool stuff with my pictures! (See below)


My favorite feature, though is the sound quality! With two speakers on the front…I don’t need an extra device to listen to music.
Sprint Music Plus, Next Radio, Pandora, and Spotify all allow me to use the HTC One to listen to music on the go! I walk my girls to school every morning and what used to be a crabby patty morning walk has become fun and full of music. I let one pick the station and we walk and jam!  Adding the music has really helped our walk fly by and their attitudes!

The HTC One M8 has the advantage of running on the Sprint Spark network with faster data speeds! This has made it easy for me to download videos! If you have someone on your Christmas list wanting to upgrade their phone, or try a new one…THIS IS THE ONE!

Also, I must add…I love the size of this phone. It’s very easy to hold with one hand and the screen size rocks! It’s not too bulky either! I don’t have a case on it as it’s metal and very durable!

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