More Wubble Fun!

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My kids love Wobbles. They always have a blast playing with them and every time a new one comes out they are excited to check them out! We were recently sent three different ones to check out: Super Wubble Blue, Groovy Wubble, and Wubble Comet. I personally thought they were all awesome!

Here is a little more info about each! Super Wubble Blue is HUGE and you can pick it up at Walmart! I mean look at this picture of my 14 yr old holding on! We love that this Wubble is so large and durable. It’s much larger then the original ones and has provided my kiddos with hours of fun! Nathan, my 5 yr old, loves to rough house and he has tackled and had a great time bouncing off of this Wubble.

Next is the Groovy Wubble. The fun colors make this Wubble so inviting! My kids LOVE this one too! It’s ginormous like the Super Wubble is! We actually love playing with both of them at the same time! You can grab this one at Walmart, too!

And last is the Wubble that is so much fun…day or night! The Wubble Comet! This Wubble lights up and offers lots of play… It is smaller in size but perfect for evening fun…indoors or outside. It is the one that my oldest loves the most. Once you stop messing with it for a few minutes, the LED lights inside stop flashing. This is perfect because it helps keep it lighting up longer for more fun! (This is our new go-to B-day gift!) You can find this fun Wubble at Target!

I wish I could upload a video of this one…it’s so fun when it’s flashing!

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