Keeping Kids Active during Quarantine

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We have partnered with Oriental Trading for this post. All ideas are my own and honest.

I have three older girls who are e-schooling. They are rocking it and are self pacing! I am thankful that they can do this on their own because I have a VERY active 4 yr old boy who does NOT want to sit still. Poor buddy does not understand what is happening with the world and why he can’t hang out with friends, go to preschool, or play at the park. It hasn’t been an easy adjustment for him.

We have gone on so many bike rides to feed the ducks at the pond… but outside of that, we mainly play soccer and baseball in the house. (I am mildly okay if things get broken, thankfully so far they haven’t!) We were in need some something new to entertain him and wear him out! This is when I turned to Oriental Trading! They have fast shipping and TONS of awesome things to choose from!

We created an obstacle course in our front yard! It was so much fun watching him race thru it, that we got the bigs involved too! They all loved it! Here is what we purchased to make this happen:

Hopscotch ring set

Clear I see you tunnel

Unicorn Horn-Shaped Chalk

DIY Kites

Lawn Darts Set

We put them together to create this fun course!

The DIY Kites came in a set of 12 so we used those extras to brighten a few friends day. We created a printable and attached it…it looks like this:

Go place your order for some fun to help keep your kiddos active while sheltering in place.

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  1. I like the idea DIY kites, it must be really fun.

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