Mom Hack: Wrapping the Presents so the Kids Don’t Know Which is Theirs

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I can’t be the only one who has kids who want to know what they are getting before Christmas morning! My kids are sneaky and try to figure things out by shaking gifts, or peeking around the house before the big day. Each year I come up with a new plan on how to keep the names off of the packages under the tree, making it more difficult for them. Here are a few tricks I used in the past and below that is the trick that I am using this year…

One year I had different wrapping paper for each child. They had no idea which kid had which paper. It made opening on Christmas morning easy and fun… I handed each one gift, then told them to find all of the others in that same wrapping paper!

Another year I had all the same paper. It said “Merry Christmas” on it all over. I simply found a corner and underlined the letter for each kid…. so Chloe’s gifts had the “C” underlined…. Emma’s had the “e” underlined, Maci’s the “M” an Nathan’s where the gift with no marks. That was easy!

Another year, I only had numbers on the gifts. They couldn’t crack that code at all! (It was their age!)

This year I plan to simply use matching labels on each kids gifts. Snowmen will be one child, Santa will be another, Reindeer will be another, and Snowflake will be the last. EASY! No names on those gifts!

Next year, I plan to put a piece of paper in their stockings that will tell them a symbol to look for on the gifts! EASY!

What are your tickets to keeping the mystery a mystery?

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