Schlitterbahn: Women in Surf… a Bonding Experience with my Daughter

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Last weekend my oldest daughter and I were invited to attend a fun and empowering event at Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels. We were very excited to take part in National Women learn to Surf Day.

We just got back from playing in the ocean on boogie boards so we were very excited about trying this out. I knew Chloe would pick it up quickly, but I had no clue just how quickly! I worked hard to listen and take good mental notes as everything was explained, but fully expected to wipe out a few times before nailing it. Chloe went first…and was able to navigate the waves well and stay on the board. She enjoyed her time before moving off to the side. She knew her second attempt would be to get up on her knees. So ambitious. Now it was my turn. Off I went down the shoot… and it wasn’t bad. I was on the board and on the waves and I had control. I was able to steer left and right easily and stay in control. Maybe I wasn’t going to wipe out! Nice! Before I knew it, I found myself in the “dead zone” which is an area where there isn’t enough power to keep you in the surf. I didn’t want to give up and tried hard to get back into the surf…but couldn’t. I hopped off and got back in the line to go again.

I was not ready for what I saw next. I watched as Chloe slide onto the wave and with ease popped up on her knees. She acted like she had no issues doing it. I was so shocked at how she did this with ease. I felt the pressure building, I knew I HAD to TRY to get on my knees… Chloe would never let me live this down. Off I went, I slid down and was cruising on the waves…and now I look over and am being coached on how to “pop up” on my knees. Wow, I am OLD or WEAK! I tried and tried. I couldn’t push up that round!  As soon as I got back in line with Chloe she had tons of tips to share with me!

Chloe amazed me again, she decided to try something even harder… she went ONE knee! Show off! Hahaha! Wow, sooo amazing! Now I knew I HAD to get up on my knees! There was no turning back… and I am competitive! I wasn’t going to stop until I made it on my knees. Thankfully I was able to do it this round! Oh the feeling of pride I had once I was up! YES! I did it! I felt young, and powerful…and like I could totally hang with my 14 yr old! It was a magical moment! Look at the smile on my face here!

My family and I were invited to New Braunfels as part of a partnership with Schlitterbahn and Texas Travel Talk. The partnership included lodging, food & beverage, and compensation for the trip. The opinions reflected are honest and based upon my own experience.

If you get a chance to do something like this with your children, I hope you do. It was so much fun to cheer her on and watch her excel! She was so awesome! It was so much fun! We could have spent the whole day playing RIGHT THERE! We want to go back and do it again! (By the way, this is something that you can do at this park that is included with the ticket price…but go early as I hear the line gets long quickly…and after a few hours of playing here, I can see why!)

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  1. You guys did awesome but I was especially impressed with Chloe!

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