Memorial Day Beach Trip Packing Tips

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We are heading out for a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama on Memorial Day weekend and I have started thinking about packing. Of course, we will have all of our normal stuff, but beyond that, I started to think about other things we would need. We will be staying at a condo on the beach. This trip will take approximately 10 hours for us and traveling with four kids, I have learned a few things. Here are my tips for this type of trip:

1.) Split up the travel to the destination. We will drive four hours one evening, then the other six the following day. This keeps us from getting too tired while driving, and honestly after a busy day four hours in the vehicle is plenty. Choose a hotel that offers breakfast so everyone can eat there with no additional stops needed before getting back on the road.

2.) Pack in two bags. We will have one larger bag for the weekend, but will have one smaller bag for the first night. We need this smaller bag because we won’t be at our final destination and don’t want to lug everything in for just one night.

3.) Snacks, snacks and more snacks. We don’t buy snacks…we make them. I have found that making puppy chow, or chex mix at home with the kids helps get them excited about the trip. The hands on recipes helps build anticipation about the fun we will have…and now it has become tradition.

4.) Check to make sure vehicle is up on oil change and tires look good. With a long road trip, the last thing you want is to be on the side of the road with a flat. And check to make sure your vehicle has a spare and a jack. Not all vehicles come with them now.

5.) Games! We pack tons of games for the trip. One that is fun for the kids to play in the car is “Heads Up.” I love it because it forces them to interact. They can use a device to play and there are laughs for miles.

6.) Beach toys! Why buy what you own? We take all that we own and I know my kids will have a blast with what we have!

If you find yourself in the Gulf Shore area, then check out Gulf Chrysler Dodge Jeep for your next vehicle.

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