Spring is in the Air and EOS Lip Balm Should Be on Your Lips!

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The change of seasons brings on new problems for our lips, whether dry, chapped, or blistered, EOS has a lip balm for your specific needs. With the warm weather approaching, it’s time to put your best pout forward, get prepped and primed with your favorite flavors from Evolution of Smooth lip products.

Exfoliating is the first step to a perfect pucker. To achieve a smooth surface, start off with clean, dry lips, then apply a small (or generous – you decide) amount of EOS Guava Sugar Lip Scrub. Gently rub and buff away dead skin cells to leave a beautifully smooth surface to apply your favorite lip balm. The lip scrub is infused with coconut oil, and like all EOS products, certified organic. For Spring, the Guava Sugar Lip Scrub comes paired with a pina colada scented lip balm as part of the EOS Tropical Escape
Collection. Definitely a perfect duo.

Finding the perfect lip balm is the next step in preparing lips for their warm weather debut. With EOS on your side, finding a perfect lip balm to fit your specific needs is easy. The Mood Stones collection not only has your lips covered, but your cheeks too! Use it on lips to moisturize and tint, dab on the cheeks for a fresh rosy look. SPF and medicated balms are available for those that need superior lip protection. Pink Grapefruit with SPF 30 has a great citrus scent and is perfect for blocking the harmful UV rays from the sun and it keeps lips oh, so smooth.

There are so many great lip products from EOS it can be hard to choose a favorite, so why not try them all? The round shape of the balm makes sure your lips get the maximum benefit of the product,
it easily slides around the mouth for perfect distribution. Did you know they make stick balms as well? These glide on smooth like butter and fit perfectly in pockets. Get the best of both worlds by picking up a combo pack that includes one classic sphere and a stick balm.

Keeping EOS lip balm nearby is a must for having smooth lips every season. Start Spring off right by throwing a signature sphere of EOS lip balm in your handbag. The easy to find shape makes it simple to find and grab in the bottom of a cluttered bag, so no more dumping or shuffling around to find what you’re looking for. Smooth lips are easy to achieve and Evolution Of Smooth makes it even easier. Not only will EOS have your lips looking and feeling luscious, they also make hand and body lotions, too. Pair with your favorite lip scent and your on your way to feeling fresh for Spring, and every season!

EOS is an eco-friendly brand that uses what Mother Nature gave us to nourish and moisturize our lips and bodies. Each product contains sustainably sourced ingredients including coconut oil, jojoba oil, cocoa and shea butters. Always organic, free of petroleum and parabens, hypoallergenic, and gluten free. Affordable, practical, and beautifully smooth.

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  1. EOS lip balm becomes one of my favorite for a long time. I have to use lip balm the whole year and this is one of a must-have item in my bag.

  2. Jessica To says

    I constantly am putting on lip balm but I need to try the EOS lip balm.

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