Holiday Fun and Fighting Messy Stains

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We have now entered the Holiday hustle in our house! This year we are trying to slow it down a little and not feel so rushed and inclined to do everything or go to everything we are invited to. We want to enjoy the season. We love fun traditions and our Elf on the Shelf is one of kids favorites! We have a new one this year, his name is Jingles. He is a HOT MESS! I am constantly having to clean up after that silly Elf! Thankfully, I don’t stress about messes too much!

Enjoying the season can be hard with all that is on our schedule at times. With four kids and their school, sports, extra curricular schedules any extra added items do make us feel rushed. Often we are trying to eat dinner on the fly and get to a ball game or divide and conquer. I’m thankful that we are eating more meals at home…but this does leave more messes to clean.

Our (almost) 3 yr old loves to eat and for the most part is a pretty clean eater. Well, that’s true until you give him spaghetti or tacos or something that drips, then he has fun with the extra sauce. With having to rush out the door, I don’t always have time to change his clothes or spray them to pre-treat the stains. Thankfully, I have found Biz and don’t really have issues with stains anymore! I love Biz because it works on the dirtiest areas and I don’t have to worry. Biz has more active ingredients, and works on all types of stains: blood, grass, grape juice, chocolate, etc. This is perfect for busy moms like me. This frees me to enjoy my evening events and cheer my kids on without worries of little mans clothes or messes that are waiting for me when I get home.

Enjoy a little less stress this holiday season! Buy Biz and enjoy less stains! Print this coupon for $1 off your next Biz purchase!



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