National Oatmeal Day (Recipe + 1MM Bowl Commitment, + Giveaway!)

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I am partnering with Quaker to bring you this post! All opinions are my own and are honest!
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Do you eat breakfast? I am pretty good about it on the weekends, but not so much on the week days. Funny thing is…I always make sure my kids eat it! This is one of my New Years Resolutions for 2016!

As part of Quaker’s “Off You Go” campaign, the Quaker Oats Company is giving away up to one million bowls of oatmeal starting today to help provide people across the country with the best starts to their days. How awesome is that?
As part of its new “Off You Go” campaign, Quaker is surprising people around the country with a free bowl of oatmeal – online, on their way to work, or even at their doorstep. On National Oatmeal Day, October 29, follow @Quaker on Twitter or find Quaker on Facebook to give someone – whether it’s a family member, friend or co-worker – a little good to get them going with Quaker oatmeal. Thursday, October 29 only. While Supplies Last. Terms Apply.

Quaker kicked off the one million bowl giveaway by thanking those who help families get off to a good start


I am partnering with Quaker to give away 10 Quaker® Off You Go Moments Kits! These kits are awesome! They include:

  • A heart-shaped Off You Go Oatmeal Bowl to enjoy your favorite whole grain breakfast
  • An Instant Photo Camera to capture Off You Go moments and enjoy them in real-time
  • A Magnetic Cable Photo Holder to preserve and display your favorite Off You Go moments
  • A Reusable Jute Tote as a stylish way to pack all your on-the-go items for the day ahead
  • A set of four Quaker recipe cards for morning meal inspiration
  • A variety of Quaker products to help get you and your family off to a great start with a bowl of oatmeal

Each kit is valued at approx. $110!

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post telling me how your family prepares each morning to take on the day ahead! Easy peasy entry! 10 will win, giveaway ends on 11/6 at 5PM CST.

Go here for a yummy Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal Recipe!

To learn more about Quaker’s “Off You Go” campaign visit To give someone you love a bowl of oatmeal on National Oatmeal Day, follow @Quaker on Twitter or find Quaker on Facebook. Don’t forget to share your Off You Go moments and love of oatmeal by using #NationalOatmealDay throughout the day!


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  1. Dawn Monroe says

    We try to start each morning with a quick and warm breakfast! Oatmeal is one of our favorites!

  2. Stephanie Fujarski says

    What an amazing give-a-way! 🙂 In our home, we try and be as prepared as possible the night before, so the morning is not so hectic. We pack our lunches, and set out our clothes for the day. Make sure all homework is in backpacks, and shoes are where they’re supposed to be! The only thing we do not have prepared ahead of time is what to have for breakfast, because my kids would always change their mind. One of the things we like to keep on hand is Oatmeal though, so this would be great to win!

  3. Jana Korenek says

    I feed my children Quaker Oatmeal for breakfast because it’s filling and nutritious and helps get them through their busy day at school.

  4. Cara Smith says

    Because I have a teenage girl, my mornings are usually hectic. Breakfast has to be quick and easy for my daughter because her eyeliner apparently takes 20 minutes! Thanks #quaker

  5. We gather in the kitchen to discuss what’s going on with everyone’s schedules that day (band practice, play rehearsal, LaCrosse, girl scouts!) while eating breakfast. I work from home now so I cherish these moments that I missed when leaving the house early in the morning before anyone else woke up for my commute to the office. Mornings together are a blessing!

  6. My hubby and I tag team the mornings, but with 4 boys we have the start the night before with making lunches & laying out their clothes to have any morning run smooth. That leaves the morning for a little family breakfast time then we again tag team getting them off to school. My hubby takes the 2 older and I head out a little later with the younger to! The only way is prep prep prep!!!!!!

  7. Megan Coats says

    How my crazy family prepares to take on the day? Well, I get ready first and then pack up Hudson’s lunch, snacks and milk for the day. Then I make her oatmeal. (Quaker should really think about making a baby cereal, ya know?) Every morning since Hudson was 6 months old, she’s enjoyed oatmeal. Now at 13 months, it’s still the only thing she will eat for breakfast (along with fruit).
    After I finish getting dressed, Mr. Grouch will roll himself out of bed while I get Hudson ready. We are all 3 NON-morning people (for the most part). I’ve now had to adapt to be a sweet morning person for Huddy but Jared still gets up and turns off all the lights and zombies (as a verb, yes) around for 20 minutes before he can interact with the rest of the home. haha.
    After I get Hudson ready and avoid Mr. Grouchy Pants, I make my own delicious breakfast. I utilize my Quaker oats in a completely different fashion. I blend them in my Shakeology Protein shakes. It’s like drinking an oatmeal cookie, it rocks!

  8. Amanda Johns says

    I feed my kids Quaker oatmeal on most weekday mornings because it’s quick and very filling. My kids are able to make it to lunch time without having their stomach fuss at them!

  9. Jill Corey says

    My boys can’t get the day started without a hot breakfast and their favorite cup full of cold chocolate milk. Quick and easy are the two rules of thumb at our house, and a warm bowl of oatmeal fulfills both those requirements. Mornings are hardly stress-free, but as a Mom it’s always reassuring to send them off for the day knowing they’ve got the nourishment they need for the long day of learning ahead.

  10. No matter how busy the morning is, we always make sure to have a good, healthy breakfast to start!

  11. Megan Black says

    The kids and I gather in the kitchen and they eat breakfast as I pack lunches. I love on the go breakfast for our busy lives, so my hub and I eat the breakfast bars! So convenient for busy mornings! Thanks quaker!

  12. Krisa Bryant says

    Hubby takes care of the hustle and bustle of our tween and teen in the morning. I take care of getting our 2nd grader off to school. Oatmeal is a hit around here in the cooler and cold months! Maple
    Brown Sugar and Strawberry are their faves! Love the ease and conscience! #thanksquaker

  13. I need this camera to take pictures of Donald trump. I also need oatmeal to have energy to take the pictures. please mail me the camera and some oatmeal asap

  14. I try to make time for a relaxing sit down breakfast that is healthy.

  15. We all leave the house at different times in the morning: DH goes in early to exercise before work, my son goes to early football practice at 6:15 and packs something to eat later, but my daughter and I leave the house about the same time so we usually get to sit and eat together. It’s usually toast, cereal, yogurt or oatmeal- depending on how much time we have to eat!

  16. we try to eat warm and comforting breakfast every day

  17. Ed patrick says

    Mornings are crazy…”Where’s my blue sock?” “My gym uniform still stinks!” ” I need $20 for a fundraiser. Today.”
    Giving our kids a good breakfast is sometimes the only parenting win of the day! We’ll take it!

  18. A yummy and healthy breakfast is DEFINITELY on our list each morning. We love oatmeal!

  19. We start our day with the help from Quaker Oats. It’s warm and filling and gives us the lift we need to help wake up and be energized. Breakfasts like this help make each day a special day – every day!

  20. kelly tupick says

    We start our morning off with a light breakfast. I think it’s the most important way to start out your day.

  21. a nutritious breakfast and a hug starts may day off right

  22. We start the day with breakfast of course. My son loves egg sandwiches and I eat a bowl of oatmeal (steel cut oats) with a banana on top to try to stay healthy.

  23. chickie brewer says

    I don’t have any children at home now…Although I do start my day by relaxing on the couch with a cup of coffee while I listen to Christina music! ” Sometimes I do like to treat myself and cook diced apples in my oatmeal!

  24. carol clark says

    we start each day with oatmeal and leggos with peanut butter on them

  25. Tonya Atkinson says

    A big bowl of Quaker Instant Oatmeal with butter sugar and milk Yum

  26. we prepare everything the night before

  27. Kim Henrichs says

    Our day always starts out with a good breakfast no matter what the schedule. On weekends, yoga!

  28. Everyone takes care of themselves in the morning, but no one is allowed to leave without at least eating something, even if it’s just a granola bar!

  29. Marcia Goss says

    We don’t leave the house without having a good breakfast. My granddaughter loves Quaker oatmeal with blueberries.

  30. The only thing that gets accomplished in the morning is breakfast and then getting kids dressed and ready for school. We always make sure to eat breakfast. It’s the priority.

  31. I try to keep it simple with cereal in the morning, but oatmeal is good too.

  32. We try to take care of most of the tasks before bedtime like getting lunches made, backpacks all ready to go, and having the kids set out their clothes for the next day. Those small things save us time and stress in the mornings.

  33. Sarah Stevens says

    Mornings these days involve simultaneously trying to consume caffeine and feed baby boy a bottle! I’m excited for the weather to get cooler- oatmeal is a favorite!

  34. Each morning breakfast is usually on the go because I am crunched for time.

  35. We often start our day with a nice bowl of oatmeal…especially in the Fall and Winter. We like it best with raw cashews, dried cranberries, and a little brown sugar….yum!

  36. I prepare by getting up early and doing a morning workout.

  37. Dawn Monroe says

    I make a hot breakfast when I have time and prepare the night before so that the morning will be stress free.

  38. Emily Smith says

    Get them up, showered, dressed, breakfast, teeth brushed, lunches and backpacks packed, then we’re out the door!

  39. My family and I love making slow cooker oatmeal for breakfast on the weekends so we have tasty breakfast for the week.

  40. We have oatmeal, grapes, and bananas most times on our morning drive!

  41. Kristin Goodson says

    We love to start off the morning with a healthy breakfast at the table. We talk about our plans for the day and we make sure homework and other chores are completed. We like to have family time in the morning. Along with a healthy breakfast we all feel ready to start the day!

  42. We pack lunches, eat breakfast, and sing songs. 🙂

  43. We try to do as much as we can the night before, such as picking out clothes.

  44. We start off every morning by eating a breakfast

  45. We make sure we have breakfast every day

  46. amy williams says

    I get my oldest up everyday at five am and while he showers I drink a hot cup of coffee when he is done getting ready its breakfast time and out the door to school then I start with my youngest and do it all over again.

  47. Rebecca Orr says

    We have a simple routine that the kids have down to a T. Breakfast can be difficult since the kids don’t always agree on what they want, but with oatmeak, it is much easier. They both enjoy oatmeal.

  48. Sade Rieux says

    I have everything ready the night before that way i don’t have to rush in the morning,and i can make my kids a good breakfast

  49. We pack lunches and book bags, eat a healthy breakfast and then out door we go!

  50. I eat a Quaker Chewy Granola Bar every morning.

  51. I enjoy a bowl of Quaker maple and brown sugar oatmeal for breakfast.

  52. We pick out our outfits the night before and make sure our backpacks are all set. In the morning we eat a breakfast and my kids know to be ready to walk out the door 15 minutes before we have to leave!

  53. Trisha Burgess says

    We begin every morning with breakfast together as a family! We also set everything out the night before!

  54. Joan Kubes says

    We have a quick breakfast and some coffee.

  55. Breanna Pollard says

    We make sure to eat a good meal.

  56. Amanda Sakovitz says

    We enjoy coffee together and go for walks.

  57. Breanna Pollard says

    With coffee and oatmeal!

  58. Thomas Murphy says

    We have coffee and a good breakfast.

  59. Stephanie o'day says

    We always try to get a good night’s sleep beforehand and actually eat breakfast in the morning!

  60. Honestly, we begin every morning rushing around since we usually oversleep 😉

  61. I’m guessing I didn’t win this. Haha. ?

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