100 ideas for your Elf on the Shelf

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Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? Are you starting to panic about what you are going to do for the next month with him/her? Worry no longer! A sweet friend of mine, Jill, emailed me this AWESOME list today of 100 things to do with your Elf on the Shelf! (Please leave a comment with more ideas if you have them!)

UPDATE: I did a post today with 15 more Elf on the Shelf Ideas! (My fav is the Elf hanging from a helium balloon, bobbing around the house hanging on it!)

1. Marshmallow fight – marshmallows everywhere
2. Pillow fight – feathers everywhere
3. Nerf gun fight – darts everywhere
4. Laundry fight – clothes everywhere
5. Lipstick on mirror message
6. Crepe paper barricade on their bedroom door that they have to bust through
7. Rearrange story books in ABC order or in a pile of disarray
8. Clean closet or make mess of closet
9. Fill tub with bubbles till the point of explosion
10. Hang from shower nozzle with a towel on
11. Unroll toilet paper roll on the floor, around Christmas tree, etc.
12. Zip down a zip line through the house
13. Caught sneaking candy
14. Eat milk and cookies
15. Organize school clothes – mismatched haha
16. Write a message on the on the snow covered car window
17. Create a paper chain with a bit of a mess to show for it
18. Hang child’s unmentionables on the Christmas tree
19. Hang from chandelier or ceiling fan
20. Make faces on school pictures with a marker

To see the full list of 100…check out Blossombunkhouse.com

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  1. Crazy Caren says

    Drink a bottle of wine with your husband/wife, then hang the elf upside down on the empty bottle. Ha! Kids get a kick out of this one!

  2. My friend used flour and put their elf in it like he was making snow angels. It was cute!

  3. Put paper snowflakes all over hanging around the kitchen and streamers so it’s like walking through a winter wonderland

    • My sister froze their elf, Holly in a plastic cup of water upside down and then froze it. She took it out the next morning (and with an Elsa figurine from Disney Infinity), making it look like Elsa and Holly had gotten into a fight and Elsa ended up freezing her. I hope this helps! 🙂

  4. Put him up in a tree. I liked a candy cane until it was white at the tip. I broke off the hook and threw it on the floor like he broke it off. Set him high up in the tree with the rest of the candy cane in his hands and looks like he has eaten part of it.

  5. Take a red lipstick and put on everybody in the house noses as they are sleeping. When the children awake they will see their elf holding the lipstick with a note saying “Look in the mirror” with a picture of Rudolph. The children look in the mirror and see their noses paint like Rudolph.

  6. Hey I loved your article but my children keep asking me ” is the elf really real” I keep telling them yes but they don’t believe me should I just tell them no it is not real or try to keep the Christmas sprit and they ate also thinking santas not real cause he never replys … Please resond!!!!

    • Do something “magical” for them! Try the Portable North Pole…set up a phone call or letter from Santa. (You can get info on this today on my blog!)

  7. I made cookies one morning, left a note saying they the elves made them. I also left out all of the supplies to make hot cocoa, including special mugs and an elf recipe.
    Hope it helped!

  8. chad gathings says

    We used a swimming pool noodle, cut it into pieces to fit under a box, laid the elf on top of box, gave him a pillow and washcloth for a blanket. We then put him in the tub with a message that told our kids that he sure missed his waterbed.

  9. Mine is wearing sunglasses, laying on a washcloth which is his beach towel, under a lamp…getting a tan

  10. My elfs, Ginger, Peppermints, Candi, Cumin and Jinny, wrote in toothpaste on the mirror; I like Cute little girls who were good all year. They are too sweet. And they cleaned it up by themselves, too.

  11. I grabbed a few rolls of toilet paper and trashed my whole living area along with toilet papering it! The kids got a real kick out of that! Hope it helps(:

  12. It looked as is my elves did it of course!

  13. I have one is was so cool 🙂

  14. my elf did the dishes


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