Portable Ice Maker to the Rescue!

Summer in Texas is SOOO hot! We try to enjoy pool time as often as we can…and this means packing a bag of drinks and snacks! Since we are a larger family, we go through ice really quickly. Once hubby and I fill up our Yetis and the kids do their water bottles, we have […]

Dirty Secrets and my favorite Mom Hack

I have partnered with Biz to bring you this post! All opinions are mine and are honest! I like to talk about products I use and love! Biz is one of them. As a mom there are many things that I try to balance every day. Work, kids, relationship with hubby, errands, house work…the list […]

Kids Eat For $1.99 Every Tuesday At El Fenix

Tuesdays just got a lot better thanks to El Fenix! Don’t stress over making dinner… head to El Fenix for $1.99 kids meals, plus a FREE mini sopapilla – no coupon necessary! Your littles can choose between: Lil’ Martinez’ Chilada – one cheese enchilada with chili con carne, one beef enchilada with chili con carne or one sour […]

How to Save Money Without Being Cheap

Saving money is something that everyone wants to do but few want to put in the hard work to actually do. Some lack impulse control, while others get a reputation for being ‘cheap’ as they are over aggressive when it comes to saving money. Sure, you could always make more money as there are plenty […]

DeCluttering Life to feel Balanced

I’ve been going 90-nothing for the past 13 years since having my first daughter! I’ve put the kids ahead of myself and I don’t feel too much sadness about that. I have always wanted to be a mom and raise sweet kiddos and feel that I am living my dream. However, somewhere along the way […]

Stocking up and Saving on Tampax Pearl and Always Infinity

I have partnered with Tampax and Always to bring you this post and help you save money. All opinions are my own and are honest. Summer is officially here. Sadly, the last week of school was the start of “womanhood” for my oldest daughter. She is super athletic and we weren’t sure if that would […]

Sherlock Gnomes is now available on Digital and Blu-ray (+ giveaway)

Do you like a good mystery? We have been fans of Gnomes since Gnome and Juliet came out a few years ago! Sherlock Gnomes is a continuation of that story! In this title,  Gnomeo and Juliet discover their friends and family have gone missing, there’s only one gnome to call – the legendary detective Sherlock Gnomes. Working […]

Nathan’s progress at AquaKids Mckinney (+ Book at Party!)

It has been a crazy last few weeks! I have heard of two kids (connected to friends or family) who have died due to drowning. They were local and both happened in a pool full of people. Another friend had to jump in a rescue her daughter after finding her non responsive in a pool. […]

And Tomorrow is a New Day

Today was a busy day of getting kids to and from camps, making meals, meeting with friends who are in crisis, and loving on foster babies….and tomorrow is a new day. Each day I wake wanting to press forward and give my all to my family and friends…and yet I go to bed feeling like […]

Life Hack for Getting Your Kids Outdoor More

“Remember when…” Those words might make your kids role their eyes but truly… remember when kids played outside and were physically active…because they could and it was fun? I want that for my own kids. Life will pass them by much too quickly if they keep their faces in front of screens all day. I […]