Do It Yourself Auto repair vs Taking to the Experts

I was not raised in a home that had an excess of money. My dad (and even great grandpa) did a lot of auto repair on their own. This amazes me because it was pre Youtube and they somehow figured it out. They (still) did their own oil changes and such. I wish I was […]

Leather vs Cloth for your new vehicle

There are so many options when considering a new vehicle. You can drive yourself crazy with customizing a vehicle to be exactly what you desire. The ability to have all of the colors, fabrics, and features that you want has come a long way in a short amount of time. When my parents where purchasing […]

New Site for Fun Finds!

Over the holidays while I was doing my (online) shopping, I can across It has a little bit of everything. When I didn’t know what to buy someone, I could browse around and find something on there… and not to mention all of the things I found for myself, haha! Here are a few […]

Happy New Year!

It has been a busy last few weeks! With Christmas fun, holiday travels and the kids being out of school. On top of that, we were blessed to get a little foster baby to love on! The kids returned to school today and hubby is back at work, so back to the blog I go! […]

Incorporating Herbalife Nutrition Products into Your Lifestyle

For over thirty years, Herbalife Nutrition has been dedicated to providing the highest quality nutritional products and supplements designed for whole body, whole brain health. Using the finest ingredients, a process of rigorous testing, and cutting-edge manufacturing and distribution practices, they remain at the forefront of nutritional health for the marked benefits they have for […]

Book now to Enjoy Holiday Wishes by Cirque Musica on December 21st

Looking for something fun to do with your family this weekend? Check out Cirque Musica and their presentation of Holiday Wishes. Dallas based STEPHEN COOK, founder and President of TCG Entertainment says, “Cirque Musica presents Holiday Wishes is the must-see holiday event of the season. This is one of the biggest Holiday shows on tour and […]

Exploring the 2020 Dodge Durango

When hubby and I first got married, we owned a Dodge Durango. I loved that vehicle. I have no idea why we owned it since we were both in college, with no kids or need for such a fun larger vehicle. (I think so much more practically now as a mom of four!) We loved […]

Three Reasons why I am considering a Jeep for my daughters first vehicle

I have talked about my families love for Jeeps a few times over the years. While, I don’t currently own one (they don’t make a mini van…yet!) I am considering one for my oldest daughters first vehicle. We’ve been shopping around and trying to decide on what we feel might be the safest for her, […]

Texas BIG Dodge RAM Deals

It’s almost a MUST to own a truck in Texas. Sure in the city, not a ton of people own one, but the suburbs are full of them. Why? Because Texas is a really big state with lots to offer the truck owner. From farming, to recreational use, men in Texas love their trucks. Big […]

The All New 2020 Chrysler Pacifica

Before owning our current van, we had a Chrysler Town and Country. We were sad to hear that they would no longer be making that model as we loved it! Then I heard that their was a newer “replacement” called the Pacifica. I’ve got to say that the new 2020 Chrysler Pacifica has it all! […]