Rolling…Mommy Style

This post is sponsored by Patterson Chrysler Dodge. They see me rolling…they be hating! That song makes me laugh…but it also is true! My Chrysler Town and Country(mini van) is packed full of kids and noise! When it isn’t loaded with kids, back packs, sports equipment, then it’s loaded with groceries and house hold items. […]

Three Tips for Holiday Travel

  In a few short weeks, many will be traveling for the holidays! Travel by car can bring extra stress! My family is three hours away and we make the trip a few times a year and have found the follow five tips to be very helpful! 1.) Offer to bring the drinks. Traveling with […]

Disney BFG Review

I was sent Disney’s BFG (Big Friendly Giant!) to review and we laughed and laughed! Here is the review written by my 11 yr old! Disney’s BFG is a great story about a runt giant who makes friends with an orphan girl. He didn’t intend to meet the girl, but had to kidnap the orphan […]

HOT Christmas item: Mermaid Tails

My girls are crazy about these mermaid tails! They are all begging for one for Christmas this year! Fin Fun offers an amazing selection of high-quality mermaid tail designs inspired by the beauty of the sea and nature. The Fin Fun Mermaidens collection features tails based on the beloved Mermaiden Princess characters, each with a […]

Riding in Cars with Kids

When I am driving, my mind is in 100 different places! Sometimes I’m thinking about what is going on in our lives, sometimes it’s what is going on in the world, and sometimes it is what is going on in the car. My kids are totally different. They are constantly thinking about their little worlds. […]

Five Ways to Winterize your Vehicle

The colder months are coming…and temps are dropping daily! I am thankful for the change in weather, but it does require that I work to be prepared! Not only is it important that I pull out the winter coats, gloves, and jeans, but I must also work on winterizing my vehicles! Here are five things […]

Monster Mom on Family Picture Day

I don’t know if your family takes a photo each year for your Christmas cards, but let me tell you…it’s an event! I love the idea of capturing beautiful smiles and being able to share a recent photo with friends and family…but it’s an event! Did you hear me say that IT’S AN EVENT? Let […]

Retirement Dreams

Some day…probably 40-50 years from now, I hope my hubby gets to retire! I want to see the world. That’s not actually true. I want to see sunsets at different parts of the world. There is something that is incredibly moving about the beauty of a sunset! I want to pack a suitcase and hit […]

Features I wish my Vehicle had for Winter

As we approach cooler temps…I am starting to think about how to stay warm. I am in my car A LOT driving kids to and from and the heater works great…but it takes a bit for it to kick in! I wrote out a “wish list” of things I wish my van had…and prob things […]

Five Features Kids love in Cars

  We were driving home from school the other day when Emma, my 2nd born said how much she loved having cool air in the back of our van. My hubby’s ride isn’t like that… It got my thinking of all of the features that are in cars today that I didn’t have as a […]