Why buy Jeep?

I don’t personally own a Jeep because when we were looking for a new vehicle, they weren’t one that we were able to test drive since the do not currently have a model with a third row seat.  When talking to my sister (who owns two Jeeps) about it, she told me the reason they […]

Three Things to Do After You Buy a New Car

If you are like me, one of the first things you want to do after buying a new car is to “set the rules” with the kids. You know what I am talking about… no food or drinks in the car, don’t leave your stuff behind, and and stuff like that. That is not the […]

Tips for Challenger International Soccer Camp

We were given a week of camp to check out and review in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine and are honest. My son just completed a week of Challenger International Soccer Camp and had a blast. I learned a few things that I think are worth passing on…incase you are considering this one […]

A New Season: My Life as Uber Mom

Summer is here and we are in full swing. We really didn’t have much down time before sports camps started. We weren’t planning to jump into so much so quickly, but it happened. High school sports are no joke, ya’ll! My daughter thought wanted to play basketball and wanted to do the camp with the […]

Traveling with Teens

I have the honor of traveling with my oldest daughter this week on a four hour road trip. It’s been a long time since it’s just been two of us in a vehicle for that long…without anyone else. To be honest, I am excited about it for several reasons. I love one on one time […]

Spoiling Dad with Car Accessories

There are many reasons to spoil a hard working man…birthday’s, Father’s Day, Christmas, and more! I know that most dads spend at least part of their day commuting to work in their vehicles. This got me thinking. Besides tech type gifts, I think the following gifts would be awesome for spoiling dads: 1.) Two years […]

Shop North Star Dodge for Savings

There are so many things I love about living in the state of Texas! For one, it’s HUGE! You can drive all day and still be in Texas! Another thing I love about this great state is the history here! There are businesses that have born and raised generations up doing what they love here! […]

Clean Car, Happy Kids…How I do it…

I wear a lot of hats, but the one I am wearing the most lately is Uber Mom. I spend SO MUCH time driving my kids to/fro school, sports practice, games, friends houses, etc. It’s never ended… and take that times FOUR! I love my kids and would do anything for them… well most anything. […]

5 Easy Ways to Put Your Parents Finances in Order without Going Broke

Perhaps everything you’ve got in life you owe it all to your parents, and you love them for this. You deeply care for them. And nothing will stop you from doing anything in return including helping them financially when the occasion calls for it. If money management is not your parent’s strong suit, don’t worry. […]

Finding the “Why”

Do you find yourself unmotivated at times? How do you motivate yourself? I’ve asked myself that question a lot over the years. Finding the “why” I want to restart is always the hardest part. I have found that if I can narrow down and get to the bottom of the “why” then I can fight […]