Stop Transferring Cash Overseas

The temptation to transfer cash overseas can be big. Many people view it as the easiest way to pay for goods and services, to get money to family or friends in another country, or to have cash waiting for them in another country when they’re planning to travel. The idea exists that cash is somehow […]

Shop the Specials at Kindle Auto Plaza

There are several specials at Kindle Auto Plaza that you will not want to miss out on! I love to shop online before heading into a dealership to look at vehicles. I have found that knowing what the “deal” is before you head in saves you a lot of time and stress! Knowing that there are […]

Buy a 2018 Hyundai for less then 20K at Central Avenue Hyundai

Wow! If you are looking for a new car at a great price, then you might want to consider Central Avenue Hyundai! Currently, you can purchase a 2018 model for less then 20K! They have several to choose from! To get started simply click over to Central Avenue Hyundai and click on “New Inventory” Once […]

Upgrade your car at Alfa Romeo of Larchmont

Making the choice to upgrade a car is usually an easy one, however, knowing what your car is worth is a different story. You often have an idea of what you might be interested in purchasing, but deciding to just make a trade verses selling your old car privately can be stressful. I know for […]

Buying with Confidence at Kindle Auto Plaza

With over 60 years of Customer Satisfaction, Kindle Auto Plaza has several things that sets them apart of their competitors! One of their greatest assets is that they follow the “Honest Neighbor” rule. Do you know what that means? Honest Neighbor Pricing is simple! You will get straight forward guarantee that the same, great price […]

Shop by Price at Brown’s Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram

Are you in the market for a new or used vehicle? How do you normal shop? Hubby and I have been fortunate that we don’t have to fully finance our vehicles anymore. We normally trade in our current one and then just finance the difference. Sometimes that amount is over 10K but most of the […]

Want to buy a Luxury Car? Buy from Central Avenue Genesis!

Until recently, I had not heard of a Genesis Sedan. My friend Dawn went to an auto show and told me how nice it was! Of course, I wanted more information about this so I began researching. Central Avenue Genesis has a well done website that allows me to look around with ease! Immediately my […]

Buying from Dutchess Dodge

I have wanted a Jeep for sometime now. I know for a mom of four kiddos it might not see practical, but it’s on my “bucket list!” My sister has one and so does my Aunt. They are quality made and have some awesome features! Right now you can get a Jeep Wrangler for $0 […]

Leasing a vehicle from Brown’s Alfa Romeo

If you are one who likes new vehicles every few years, then you might want to consider leasing from Brown’s Alfa Romeo! They have some great deals right now! I love the idea of leasing if the needs of your family change often. For example, when hubby and I got married we could have driven […]

ReStarting the Back to School Routines!

It’s almost time to restart the back to school routines! For us summer can feel a little “free” and my kids know our rules are a tad flexible for a few months. When August hits, we try to start reinforcing some of the rules that we know help build structure to our schedule! I was […]