Getting Your Car Ready to Sell (+ Coupon for Service)

If you are looking to trade in your vehicle and take advantage of some of the deals that you are seeing right now then you might want to take a few extra minutes and do some TLC to get your vehicle in top condition so you can get the most money possible! Here are five […]

Leasing vs Buying a Jeep

Have you ever thought about what the benefits are of leasing versus buying a vehicle? I have. I often thought that leasing was mainly for people who just wanted to have a “new” ride every few years. I also thought that leasing wasn’t for people with families…as kids tend to be a little messy at […]

Trade in your vehicle for Cash TODAY!

Are you needing some fast cash? Wanting to sell your car? You can do both at Selma Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram! It’s easy… and what I love about this… you can get a $ amount online fairly quickly. Here is how this works: 1.) Go to¬†Selma Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and enter the information for […]

Buying GM from King and Owner Benefits

There are so many different places to shop for vehicles and knowing the ins and outs of what you are getting is important. I like to know as much about the dealership before I ever step foot in the door. I always look at their website and read reviews before heading in. I also love […]

Cooking with Envy (Apples) – More Recipes to Try

Last week I attended a Central Market Envy Apple Cooking Class. I learned so much great information about Envy Apples (and even some awesome new kitchen skills!)! The recipes were DELICIOUS! Here is a little that I think you would love to know! Envy Apples are a cross breed of Gala Apples and¬†Braeburn apples. Envy […]

Cheat Sheet for Maintenance for Cars for Women

I was raised by a man who did most of the car repairs himself. Infact, my great grandpa was doing his own oil changes well into his 70s. I am not that skilled and am happy to hand over some money to the professionals on items like that simply because I do not have the […]

Leasing vs Buying…and how to buy with Confidence

We have never leased a vehicle, we always buy! I have never really been able to wrap my brain around why people lease vehicles. I suppose they like getting something new every few years or not having to worry about certain things that come with ownership, but it just hasn’t made sense for our family. […]

Best Priced Tires Guarantee

Buying tires is an investment. I just had to buy two new tires for my van. We spent over $400. It was painful. The money saver in me was very curious if that was actually the best deal we could have gotten on them. We had to have them to past state inspection, so I […]

What To Look for In a Used Car

In my 18 years of marriage, I have only owned two new cars. One, hubby and I purchased on our own a few years into marriage, and the second one, I won, (long story there, but thanks American Idol!) Other then those two vehicles, we have always purchased used cars. We are not impulsive buyers […]

Parking Lot Safety in Trucks

If you haven’t driven a big truck, then you might not know that there are often blind spots when you are in tight places. Here are a few tips to help with parking lot safety. 1.) Look for spots to park that have several open spots nearby. Trying to squeeze between compact cars can be […]