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DeCluttering Life to feel Balanced

I’ve been going 90-nothing for the past 13 years since having my first daughter! I’ve put the kids ahead of myself and I don’t feel too much sadness about that. I have always wanted to be a mom and raise sweet kiddos and feel that I am living my dream. However, somewhere along the way […]

How to Enjoy a Summer with No Regrets

Summer is coming fast! My kids only have 8 days of school left! Texas is heating up and our subdivision pools are already open! I love the turn of the season and having my kids home. We get to spend more time together as a family and I get to enjoy learning more about what […]

Random Thoughts, and Things that are Working

Well we are in the 93840298 day of January and it actually ends TODAY, finally! How has the new year been for you so far? How has it gone with your goals? It’s been a busy month at our house with the kids back in school and getting back into routines.  We did a big […]

Getting Your Car Ready to Sell (+ Coupon for Service)

If you are looking to trade in your vehicle and take advantage of some of the deals that you are seeing right now then you might want to take a few extra minutes and do some TLC to get your vehicle in top condition so you can get the most money possible! Here are five […]

Less Technology, More Living

I was recently at a friends house when she told me that she was making her kids earn their technology time. This sounded interesting to me. I asked a lot of questions and brought the idea home and stewed on it for a few days. After talking it over with my hubby, we decided to […]

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

I have pulled together my favorite items for this gift guide! Some are items that I have reviewed this year, some are items I personally own! I hope you find this helpful! Babies/Toddlers Razor Lil E Electric Scooter* Swim Lessons* EduShapes* Octopus Motion Watch Elementary Aged Kids Disney Movies* Swim Lessons* Fubbles* Membership to Crayola […]

Effective Ways to Save When Moving to Dallas

Moving to any city can be quite the feat. There are many challenges, bottlenecks, time constraints, and of course expenses. It can become very stressful due to these reasons, which is why it’s critical to find every possible way to make moving to a new place efficient and cost-effective – you want to be able to […]

Five tips for Quicker Resale of your Vehicle

If you are looking to upgrade your ride, you might want to do a few things to get more money for your vehicle. Typically, choosing to sell privately could yield you more money than using your vehicle as a trade in on the new one. There are lots of great places to advertise and asking your […]

Busy being Mom…and loving it!

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past year, then you know that we have adopted a little guy. We walked into the process in September last year with so many hopes and dreams about how everything would play out. For the most part, it’s been pretty smooth. Our agency is awesome and offers […]

VarageSale: Buy and Sell your Gently used items

There is a new App in town and it’s going to help you MAKE MONEY…and maybe even help you save some too! It’s called VarageSale! Recently I went on a search to buy a baby item (used) as it’s over $150 new. I found one and bought it…paid $75 for it. But then I heard […]