Save time and Money with NTTA TollTag

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I have been a money saver for a long time. With four kids, it’s become my way of life. I also am constantly trying to find ways to save on time…because there is just one of me! My oldest three kiddos are in their tween/teen years and I have found myself living in my van more then ever. I am constantly dropping off or picking up a kiddo to run them to school, sports, or a friends house. I am not unique in this stage of parenting, as many of my friends are also living the taxi-mom life as well. Finding ways to save time when I am on the road has saved my kids from being late more than once.


Ten years ago when we moved back to Texas, we discovered that there was a “free” road and a toll road. While the free roads are free, they take twice as long to travel. We quickly discovered that we could take the toll roads and pay a small fee and we could save a lot of time. We learned that we could sign up for a TollTag and save even more money vs not having a TollTag and paying a higher fee. We absolutely love our TollTag now. We use it in Texas, we have used it in Oklahoma, and my hubby uses it to park at the Airport for work trips often. We love that we don’t have to stop to pay at a toll booth. We simply pass under the gantry and it charges our account. We have a card attached to our account and when we have used $30 worth of tolls, they will replenish your account with another $40. It’s so easy to manage. When we use it for parking at the airport, we get an email with a receipt once we exit the airport. So easy, so convenient!

You can easily see which roads are Toll roads in Texas. They will have the Orange Circle with the T logo on the signs. Here is an example:

Each of our vehicles have a NTTA TollTag and we often tell others how convenient it is to have and use. The actual TollTag is a sticker that sticks under your rear view mirror and is out of view. If you want to have fun with your TollTag, you can choose a fun sports themed tag. They offer 14 different options in their speciality store on the TollTag website. Here are a few of the options: Sports teams, Schools, and other personal preferences.

If you want to save time and money, head on over to the  TollTag website.  The NTTA has an upcoming event on April 4 called Pave the Way day. Check out that link for more information.

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