Family Fun and Fitness at Ninja Nation

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My family is obsessed with watching American Ninja Warrior. We love watching the Ninjas glide thru the course and personally, I love hearing their stories. We cheer for them and feel their pain when they don’t make it to the end. It’s not a show for someone who wants to sit and relax…in fact a lot of the time, we are standing and jumping right along with them! The thought of being on a ninja course has always been something my kids have dreamt of doing. Recently, Ninja Nation reached out and invited us to come check out their Frisco, Texas location. We could not get there fast enough. We were walked thru the course by the fabulous, American Ninja Warrior competitor, Karsten Williams! He was amazing and helped us learn all about the wide variety of offerings that Ninja Nation has. From Birthday parties, to classes, to family fun…they really have it all!

We made a family fun day of it…and could have stayed for HOURS. We learned lots while we were on on the course. Here are a few things that I loved about our time there:

1.) We can do more than we think we can…with a little encouragement from each other.

2.) My 2nd born is a natural born ninja! She was amazing and it was so unexpected.

3.) My little guy is a fierce competitor.

4.) It is sooo much fun!

5.) Real ninja’s and tons of coaches are on property and are amazing at affirming and helping.

Ninja Nation is not just in Frisco, Texas…in fact they currently have 7 locations and are looking to add more! Ninja Nation’s concept promotes confidence, good health and is designed for all family members to train together. If you are looking to join this awesome, powerful company, you can read all about Ninja Nation’s franchise opportunity here. 

Don’t miss out on an awesome opportunity…click over to see how you can try out a FREE class at your local studio!

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