Tough Stuff Parenting Book Review

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It’s no secret, I’m a mom to four kiddos. My oldest is 13, then next is my (soon to be) 12 yr old, then my 10 yr old and last my little guy who is 3. Thankfully, my oldest has been a pretty straight arrow and hasn’t thrown me too many curve balls (yet!) in my parenting journey. I know we are just starting down the teenage road and things are about to change… really quickly. She discovered boys this year and that has brought lots of fun conversations…and a few tears.

I am thankful to have several older, wiser women in my life who are great to allow me to soak up their wisdom, as moms who have “been there.” I treasure those relationships so much and hope that I always have someone to help me in these uncharted waters of parenthood. Like most women, I am happy to seek better ways of doing things and wiser words to use when I feel the heat of the moment closing in on me. Unfortunately in parenting, you never really know when curve balls are coming your way, so continuing to listen to podcasts and read books to gain wisdom for those crazy moments is the best way I have found to feel somewhat prepared.

I was asked to check out Tough Stuff Parenting, which was written by two men that I highly respect. They happen to be the senior pastors of my church. Paul Basden and Jim Johnson are the real deal! Knowing their hearts and how they communicate God’s love and grace made this book a MUST for me to dive into. When it arrived, I jumped right in and just as expected I could read the words and hear their voices of wisdom in each chapter.

There are three things that really stand out to me about this book. The first is that I think it is not only a great resource for hard parenting conversations that I will likely have in the (near) future, but it has so many extra resources quoted and mentioned in each chapter for extra reading. (These two men are readers and have so many awesome resources to point parents to!) The second thing I love about this book is that it is for every parent. Each chapter is broken down for each age group. This is perfect for parents like me, as I have kids in several different stages…and it applies to all. The last thing I love about this book is that it is real conversations. It is not watered down or unrelatable. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, you will be challenged to think through what you believe about the hard topics and how to navigate them with your own kids.

Overall, I hope that I am able to approach my kids will love and grace over the next few years when I want to defer to others on the harder topics. I hope I can lead them well. I am thankful for Tough Stuff Parenting for being an awesome resource and for giving me so much food for thought on this journey. I am hopeful that I might be able to lead a small group with a few parents in the same stage to go through the book together in the coming months.

If you are curious about what topics are covered in this book, I have listed them below for you:

1.) The Bible

2.) Partying

3.) Divorce

4.) Having Sex

5.) Other Religions

6.) Racism

7.) Why Bad Things Happen

8.) Porn

9.) Same-Sex Attraction

10.) Drugs and Alcohol

11.) Suicide

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  1. Thanks, Courtney, for the review! We hope this book helps parents all over NTX and beyond.

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