Getting Your Car Ready to Sell (+ Coupon for Service)

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If you are looking to trade in your vehicle and take advantage of some of the deals that you are seeing right now then you might want to take a few extra minutes and do some TLC to get your vehicle in top condition so you can get the most money possible! Here are five tips to help you out:

1.) Get your car detailed professionally. Both inside and out! Getting pet hair and odors out will help it sell quicker! My hubby always takes our car to a place that does the detail with an oil change for less then $50! It’s so worth it! (Feels and smells new again!)

2.) Declutter. Take everything personal out. They might want to buy it and drive off quickly. Clean glove boxes, under seats, in the trunk. Everywhere!

3.) Have a folder with maintenance records in it for them to review. Showing that it has been well taken care of will surely help. We have a binder that we clip these types of things into as we do maintenance, so we just pull it out and have it ready. Do not keep the title in these with these forms. Get that out once they have payment ready.

4.) Know your audience! If you are selling to a family with a small child, have a carseat in so they can envision their child riding in the car and how the carseat will fit. If you are selling to a person who is single, take the carseat out. They want to envision their friends in the car, not children. Point out features that you think they will like and enjoy. Listen well.

5.) Update items to help your vehicle feel like new. Often times by simply updated the floor mats, it can feel newer! You can get 10% off on parts or service with Steve Jones Chrysler with this coupon! Make sure to replace any light bulbs that are out or anything that will easily be spotted by the buyer!

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