Relax at Beaches Turks and Caicos

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Beaches, Turks and Caicos! Whew! I haven’t even been back two full weeks yet and I am begging hubby to book a trip to go back! I am going to attempt to briefly explain why I think this is one of the most amazing vacation spots for familys to enjoy. I say briefly because I could literally go on for hours describing the beautiful ambiance and luxurious lifestyle it affords while you are there.

First of all, Beaches is an all inclusive resort. You pay ONCE and everything is included! This is my favorite kind of vacation! As a mom of four, I don’t like having to plan all of the details of where to eat, how much money we will need to take, what entertainment will cost, etc. On Beaches property, you can find 21 restaurants. These are not just ANY restaurants either… they have top of the line chefs working in them…brought in from their native country. So at Mario’s you will have a true Italian cooking authentic Italian food for you. You can literally taste the world at Beaches. I have never had a meal on the property that I did not enjoy. Everything is perfect! This year they have added two food trucks by the waterpark! Hubby made sure to try out Mr. Mac and found it gourmet as well. I love that you do not have to worry about paying (or tipping) while on property. You can walk around with just your room key and some sun glasses and you will never need or want for anything. Pool side, you are offered towels to use, bottles of water, or drinks. It’s seriously paradise.

Second, each time we return we love it even more. This was our third time on the property and we feel like each time we discover new things. We love taking leisurely walks around the property because it’s so beautiful. As a whole, Beaches is a quiet property. It is very family friendly and you will hear kids playing, but it’s not a loud party scene everywhere. There are so many spots around the property to relax and soak in the sun. You can choose pool side, on the beach, in a hammock, or even lounging near a firepit at night. We saw several weddings while we were there and secretly have planned to encourage our girls to do destination weddings at Beaches when the time comes! They go all out and do it really nice! The lights at night with the sun setting over the ocean is one of the most breathtaking scenes you can imagine. I bet those wedding photos are to die for!

Last, Beaches is in our budget. We are a middle class family with 1 full time working parent, 1 part time working parent and 4 kids! We decided to plug in our family of 6 into a 5 day stay for October 2019 and see what it would run us. We were shocked to see that it was cheaper than a Carnival Cruise… which we just took in May… as well as cheaper then Pinecove Family Camp which we are currently on the waiting list to go to this summer. We were shocked! Both of those are all inclusive type vacations as well… We dreamed about what a trip back with all of our kids might look like. We can imagine our oldest wanting to try the Surf Stream and Scuba diving. Both are included! The next two girls would really love to hang out in the pre-teens program. Our little guy would GO NUTS over the train and water park! He would also love playing in the sand! I could see this being memories made and treasured! We are definitely planning to bring them next time. We feel like it would be an investment for generations to come. We would love to do this for our kids, our grandkids and even our great grand kids one day.

Here are a few photos from our trip that I hope help you fall in love with it just a little more!

I plan to do a few more posts on this trip… this is just the tip of what I want to share!

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