Must See Movie: Ralph Breaks the Internet

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I had no idea what I was instore for when I took my family to see Ralph Breaks the Internet pre-screening earlier this week! It was SOOO adorable! My 2 yr old son LOVED it, as did my other kiddos…and I thought it was PERFECT! There were so many parts of it that were filled with thought provoking puns that my kids didn’t catch, but I thought were hysterical.

I won’t give away the movie but there was a whole section where the Disney Princess’ were talking about things they had in common and that was off the charts on point. I loved that Disney laughs at itself in that way.

The true point of the movie was about friendship and the timing of the conversations that have filled my house since seeing this movie have been much needed. My girls are all in unique spaces in their friendships. One, in particular is very protective over her friendships and this movie helped open doors for us to talk about how we don’t have to have everything in common, nor should we. We also don’t have to so everything together, in fact it’s good to have time apart…it’s healthy.

I hope you will find time this Holiday Season to take your kids to see this movie. You will have to watch to see why and how he breaks the internet…

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  1. I’m so excited to watch this movie when I saw the trailer, but I’d almost forget if I didn’t now see your post, I’m too busy recently. Thank you for reviewing! Can’t wait to watch!

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