Stocking up and Saving on Tampax Pearl and Always Infinity

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I have partnered with Tampax and Always to bring you this post and help you save money. All opinions are my own and are honest.

Summer is officially here. Sadly, the last week of school was the start of “womanhood” for my oldest daughter. She is super athletic and we weren’t sure if that would slow down the process. It didn’t seem to affect her getting started, however, now we have to work on how she can continue her active lifestyle while on her period. I want her to be able to play and be active with confidence.

We downloaded an app and it looks like she is due for her next cycle while she is away on a trip. Sadly, that trip is one that will be filled with water sports. I don’t want her to miss out or sit back while everyone else enjoys water play. I have been researching and have decided to purchase tampons for her to try. While searching Amazon for my favorite brand, Tampax Pearl, I found a hot coupon deal! Check it out!

To get her started I have decided to buy the multi pack. It comes with light, regular, and super absorbency tampons. To save $4.00 off, just add product to your cart and you will see the savings at checkout. You can see the current price comes out to $0.19 each. With the additional savings, they are only $0.17 each! Tampax Pearl has a LeakGuard™ Braid that helps stop leaks before they happen by channeling them back into the core. I know she will feel more confident with a product that offers her up to 100% leak free protection.

Also while searching Amazon, I found Always Infinity had a great deal as well! You can get them for $20.91 plus save an additional $3 off at check out! Always Infinity absorbs 10x its weight and is available in 5 sizes!

Stock up now while you can enjoy the extra savings!

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