Beauty and the Beast (Live Action) Digital HD, Blu-ray™ and Disney Movies Anywhere on June 6 (+ Giveaway)

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I have partnered with Disney to bring you this post and giveaway! All opinions are my own and are honest!

My daughter choose to see “Beauty and the Beast” at the drive in movies with her friends for her 12th birthday! We had to get there super to get a good spot as it was SOOO popular! Now you can choose three ways to watch the original theatrical cut, the premiere cut with overture, and a musical experience with a sing-along version of Beauty and the Beast.  My daughter LOVES Emma Watson and the bonus features have her really excited about this title! There are over 10 minutes of deleted scenes along with musical extras, including the “Beauty and the Beast” music video starring Ariana Grande and John Legend, Celine Dion’s heartfelt take on the new song “How Does a Moment Last Forever,” and jump directly to all you favorite unforgettable songs.

Not to mention all of these songs:
“How Does a Moment Last Forever” (Music Box)
“Be Our Guest”“Days in the Sun”
“Something There”
“How Does a Moment Last Forever”
“Beauty and the Beast”
“The Mob Sing”
“Beauty and the Beast” (Finale)

Hurry now and grab your own Digital HD/SD, Blu-ray Combo Pack, Disney Movies Anywhere, DVD and On-Demand copies! You can get on Amazon or in most retailers on Tuesday!


I am excited to give one digital copy of Beauty and the Beast to a reader! To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post with your favorite character from the movie. Let me know why you connect with that character! Giveaway ends on 6/10 at 5PM CST!



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  1. Kristen says:

    My favorite character from the movie was Mrs. Pots!

  2. Krisa Bryant says:

    I love Mrs. Potts, prolly cause I’m a mama!

  3. Belle is my favorite, but I love Lumiere!

  4. Ani Kelly says:

    Babette (the feather duster) because I’m the maid of my castle too!

  5. Leslie Wallen says:

    I love Chip! Sweet fun little boy keeping his momma Mrs.Potts on her toes.

  6. Andrea magee says:

    I love Chip because he’s so small and scrappy! ?

  7. Lindsay Menz says:

    Belle. I love to read! And the brown hair. And I lived in France as a child! 🙂

  8. Lynda Christopher says:

    Madam De La Grande Bouche!!! She is loud, outspoken and nothing in her drawers fits!

  9. Sarah Anderson says:

    Mrs. Potts! Love being a Momma!

  10. Nadia F. says:

    Belle! With love and laughter, she finds a good man in the end and I like to think I got mine, too. 🙂

  11. My favorite is the Beast because I feel like he has a great story arc.

  12. mami2jcn says:

    Belle is my favorite!

  13. I always love Chip because I’m a mom to a couple of sweet sounding boys

  14. Steven Byers says:

    My favorite character is Belle because she is smart, intelligent, beautiful, sensitive, and courageous: all admirable qualities in a human being 🙂

  15. Bernie Wallace says:

    I’ve always liked the character of Cogsworth. He is very uptight but goes really nuts at the battle at the end of the movie. Thanks for the giveaway. My family saw this movie in the theater and really enjoyed it.

  16. Kara Oney says:

    Chip, cuz hes so sweet like my boy! No wait, Mrs. Potts, cuz she’s wise and full of grace! No wait, Cogsworth, cuz he’s intense and wants everyone to just get along! Belle, cuz shes a stong independant woman! Oh my, can’t….pick….just…one! Just like all the Disney movies, I can’t pick just one.

  17. Jeannine Conte says:

    Chip he’s such a cute character and lovable

  18. Kelly Mitchell says:

    Of course, Belle! K

  19. Belle is my favorite Disney princess because we share a love of books, independent and made a huge sacrifice for her daddy.

  20. My favorite is Gaston, he is funny and great to sing along with.

  21. I can’t pick just one! But my favorite pair is Lumiere and Cogsworth! They just play on each other so well! This movie is tied with The Lion King as my favorite!!

  22. Arila Sullivan says:

    Chip is my favorite! 🙂

  23. My favorite character is definitely Belle! Who doesn’t love a Disney princess. She is brave and beautiful!

  24. Ms Pots and chip!

  25. Shelly Cummings says:

    I love Chip. He reminds me of my firsties.

  26. I’m a huge book lover so of course belle

  27. My favorite character is Belle and I connect with her because I enjoy a good read as well!

  28. Belle is my favorite because of how she can see through Gaston when no one else can. And of course I’m a big reader as well.

  29. Breanne says:

    I like Belle because she loves to read!

  30. Michaela Kay says:

    I love Belle, I think she’s a bit rebellious wanting to read and not needing a man to complete her. I can identify with both of those things and with loving to read.

  31. Priscilla S. says:

    My favorite character is Belle because of her intelligence and love of reading.

  32. Geraldine says:

    Belle! The fact that she was a bookworm really resonated with me.

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