Keeping my New Years Resolution to myself at Spa810

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New Years is a great time to do some self reflection. This year was much like years past, I thought about the things I would like to do different in the new year. I wrote out a few things and set my heart and mind to others. One of the things that I wrote down and am just now jumping on board to make happen was taking better care of myself! As a mom of four, wife, PTA and church volunteer, I find my “extra” time limited. Often, if I am honest, I veg out and enjoy being lazy on the coach with Netflix or Candy Crush.

This year I decided that I was not going to use “self care” items as rewards for meeting goals. I was going to make it a regular routine habit. In years past I considering having my hair colored and eye brows waxed “self care” items and even sometimes felt selfish over the money spent doing these items. This year I am taking it a step forward, in the right direction! If I am honest, I color my hair for others…so others won’t think I am older then I am. I get my eye brows done for me because they are crazy and grow fast….but this year I am doing some other items JUST for ME! I am committed to go once every other month to get a pedicure with either one of my girls or a girl friend. I will NOT feel guilty about this. It’s important.

One of the most exciting ways I am taking care of me this year is that I have partnered with Spa810 in Plano to do monthly visits and posts! This month I decided I would start with a massage! I opted for the Swedish massage, although they had many different options! I booked a sitter for my little guy…the one who probably puts the most stress on my back! When I walked in the spa, I was greeted and asked if I would like wine or a bottle of water! I opted for water as it was only 10AM! I was introduced to my therapist and led to the room. We talked a little about the paperwork that I filled out and my problem areas that I would like him to focus on.

The next hour of my day felt like it was over in a blink. I know it wasn’t. I enjoyed every last second of the massage, but my favorite part was when he put peppermint oil on his hands and waved them over my face before massaging my face. It helped me to relax and breathe with ease. I didn’t go in stuffy but I can imagine that it would have cleared me if I had. I also loved the warm towels on my feet!

After the massage, I redressed and headed out to schedule my next appointment. In March I am going to do a facial. I need a good facial to get rid of dead skin and to rehydrate. I plan to take before after close ups for that visit!

If you haven’t tried Spa810 in Plano, now is the time to book your appointment! Do something for YOU this year! Start small, start big….just do it!

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