Super Wubble Fun

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My girls have been begging me for a few years now for a Super Wubble. The day finally arrived and they can’t get enough of it! I was most excited to see how our little guy would respond! I envisioned that it would be flimsy and pop easily but that is not the case at all. It is much thicker then I anticipated, yet very soft and stretchy. At first we didn’t inflate much bigger then a basketball, the kids begged for me to make it bigger… so I did. I inflated it to the size of a beach ball…but that wasn’t good enough either! They wanted it BIG BIG! So we continued to blow it up and low and behold it’s now HUGE! The girls have kicked it, punched it, sat on it, pinched it, and layed on top of it…and it’s still HUGE and bouncing. The Supper Wubble can be inflated to 30 inches! It can be used indoors or outside! Sharp objects could puncture the Super Wubble, so be mindful of that when you choose outdoor play! The new SuperWubble Bubble Ball is just as squishy and fun as our original Wubble Bubble Ball, but uses a new top secret Xpandium™ material, which makes it up to four times stronger and more tear-resistant.


I’m not sure why I waited so long to get them one! Super Wubble comes with a pump to air it up (batteries not included) One of the things I LOVE most about the Super Wubble is that it comes with a Wubble Replacement Warranty! What does this mean? It means that it’s covered for LIFE! How many toys do you own with THAT guarantee?

You can purchase a Supper Wubble online and it would make a great Christmas gift! I love active toys! If you want to try to win one, go enter THIS giveaway!

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