ENDED: Switched at Birth Season 1 on DVD (Review + Giveaway!)

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I was sent Switched at Birth to review on DVD! I had not heard of this series, but it was perfect for a lazy Saturday morning! I was instantly hooked! This is clean and can be shown in front of the kiddos…no cursing or sex scenes to note!

This Disney series aired on ABC Family is about two girls who did not know until they were 16 (in the midst of confusing teenage years) that they were “Switched at Birth.” The drama unfolds as they seek to find out more about their “could have been lives.” Struggling thru their teen years and always wanting what they don’t have, they explore each others lives with great curiosity.

The plot thickens as there are now two sets of parents involved in the girls lives. Each with their own ideas of how things should play out. I loved watching the different parenting styles and how the girls were so different…one who had everything and one who was grateful for anything!

Watch this trailer and you will want to see more! You can buy it on Amazon for just $19.99! Or print this $5/1 coupon to use in store.

Enter to win a copy of the first season on DVD by leaving a comment on this blog post with what you would do if you found out that you were switched at birth! Would you seek to get to know your birth parents, or would you be content just knowing who you’ve always known. Giveaway ends on 12/23 at 5:PM CST.

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  1. I think that it would be a very hard situation but that I would more than likely want to get to know my birth parents. That inquisitive part of me wouldn’t let me rest until I knew them.

  2. I am so in love with this show…

    And this did happen to me, will omit those details here. But I just shrugged my shoulders and moved on!!

    My daughter and I would love this video.

  3. I Would try to not know anymore than I have to. I would let it be.

  4. Stephanie Fetrow says

    My Ashley & I are enjoying watcing this series together. I would want to know more about my birth family but would make sure I was sensitive to those that had raised me & still loved me keeping in mind that they were going thru it too!

  5. Beth Marhefka says

    I would be shocked, but definitely would want to get to know my birth parents.

  6. RuthAnn Alston says

    I watched this show from the pilot and love it!

    I actually did find out I was switched at birth……….yeah, I am really a hot looking, skinny heiress princess with billions of dollars and my own island…….JK!

    I don’t know what I would do. That is one of those situations where you don’t really know how you would handle it until you were in it.

  7. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    I may eventually get to know my birth parents. I would have to do a lot of soul searching first though.

  8. Stephanie Hirsch says

    I think I would want to get to know my birth parents. I love my parents though and would also make that known. Still, there is something about knowing who your birth parents are that would intrigue me, no matter who they turned out to be.

  9. Kristina Quinones says

    my daughter loves this show….
    i would want to meet my other family but it wouldn’t chance my love for who raised me…. thanks for the chance to win

  10. I really enjoy this series, i think i would just let it be. I wouldn’t want to know. It could be more trouble than its worth. Drama, lol.

  11. I would probably try to meet my birth parents.

  12. I feel like I would have to know who my parents were. I would never stop loving the people who raised me but like Bay it would open a whole window to what I may share with the heritage of my birth family

  13. I would seek out – you’d have to know! I’d like to think just meeting the person would be enough! So much drama!

  14. Courtney Martin says

    I love this show. It is fine to watch around the kids, and it is fairly relavent.

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