Why I blog…

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I have three amazing little princesses that I prayed and pleaded with God for! After 3 years of infertility and on my third IVF, I conceived my firstborn! With such heartache behind me, I have made it my #1 priority to stay at home with these babies! I am debt free and think it’s 100% because I have a mom who has walked the walk and led the way in showing me the value of coupons. I love that thru blogging I can tell others how to save BIG…how to have CRAZY savings! So here are the reasons that I blog:

1.) I can work from home, not having to miss any part of my kids lives!

2.) I can set my own schedule, do what I want to do, when I want to do it!

3.) I have networked and met a ton of great friends thru blogging! Bloggers are very hard working people.

4.) I’ve joined forces with several PR reps to promote their brands, because I love them and use them daily! (How fun is that?) I love connecting people…so connecting you to awesome brands brings me joy!

5.) I can make money from my readers buying or printing coupons thru my links! (See my disclosure about this!)

6.) I am living out my lifestyle of saving BIG and my desire to help others do the same!

7.) I enjoy finding new sites to sign up for that allow me opportunities to do reviews and giveaways and have found tons of these in the last three years!

and soooo much more! Be watching for some fun posts in the coming days from opps that I have signed up for and/or giveaways!  My site is very PR friendly and I love sharing the wealth! Enjoy!

Oh and if you are considering blogging, I would love to help you get started…it’s so easy and super fun!

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  1. Courtney,

    I loved reading your story. I am so glad you get the opportunity to stay home and do what you love. I am fortunate to be at home also. After raising three kids ages now 21, 24, 27 and now starting over with a 2 year old…I am so glad to be home all the time.

    I have wanted to start blogging or something to bring in a little extra cash but can’t seem to come up with any ideas that aren’t already being done.

    So anyway…keep up the good work, enjoy life and your children. May God bless you a million times over. I wish you much success in your new adventure.

  2. Courtney, I have been thinking about starting blogging, but I see that there are so many out there and wonder if there is even a need for more. I see there are blogs for specific stores and I haven’t seen one that “specializes” in Brookshires grocery store. My husband works there and we have learned to find all the great deals – trying to be loyal, but he doesn’t make a lot of money. I have a full time job now so I’m wondering if it can be done part time, at least to begin with? I am the primary money maker in the family so I couldn’t just switch over on a chance that I will be popular. 🙂 I would love to hear your thoughts on this!!


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